Fabulous People: Cathy Droz


Who is Cathy Droz?

Cathy Droz, born and raised in New York, is a passionate boomer who believes we all have something inside of us we can share with the world. Cathy is the founder of HER Certified (Honesty – Excellence – Respect), a resource for women, currently specifically for the car industry. She is inspiring, empowering and a fabulous mentor to women.

What is Cathy Droz’s story?

Cathy recently wrote a book called “A Woman’s Guide to buying a car with Confidence and Street Smarts.” As it would appear, it is based on the knowledge she has acquired after 20 years in the automotive business. However, it really is the story of her going with her dad to buy cars every year starting at age ten. Her dad was a tough negotiator and not always transparent. When she purchased the family car by herself at age 17, she never felt like it mattered she was a woman. After so many years in the automotive field she understood how women were treated in the car buying process and why most women would rather have that preverbal “root canal.” The book is more than a guide on how to get a good car deal; it is giving women confidence in everything they do. The subtitle of her book is, Don’t let these High Heels fool you. She feels if you can negotiate a car deal, you can deal with anything in life including divorce, single parenthood, grief and negotiating for more pay at your job. The Red High Heels represent confidence… knowledge is power. Cathy is a firm believer that “a good sense of humor helps in every phase of your life.” You will certainly laugh when you are with Cathy. Her professionalism while being incredibly witty is admired.

Cathy says, “True confidence develops in our later years, so journal everything right now. You will be surprised that the road you are traveling right now is ‘your story.'”

What makes Cathy Droz fabulous?

Cathy says the support and love of her family and friends makes her feel fabulous!

“We all need cheerleaders and mentors and people to pick us up when we fall,” Cathy said. “Never forget the people who helped you along the way, always pay it forward, and never look back. The passion that I feel, and the determination that I have to make car buying for women a rewarding experience is my goal. I want women to feel they receive Honesty, Excellence and Respect wherever they choose to purchase their auto. Naysayers tell me the auto industry will never change… I say ‘Watch me change it.'”

We think Cathy’s ability to be assertive and strong, while funny and kind, is a fabulous quality. She is a great role model for women of any walk of life.

Cathy Droz’s favorite quote?

“Every woman should own a red pair of high heels, let your shoes set the tone, after that you open your mouth.” Ruth Hoffmann 1967 (Cathy’s mom, quote is used in her book)

For more information about Cathy Droz and HER Certified, visit HERCertified.com.




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  1. Richard Mineer

    Hello, Cathy Droz,

    I am an aspiring novelist living in Glendale. My works feature women who are respectable, strong and successful, and take on challenges like only a woman can. What I need is a credible publisher. Would appreciate if you could direct me.


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