Carry On to Open in Downtown Phoenix

Pretty Decent Concepts, the visionary team renowned for crafting some of the most captivating culinary and mixology experiences in Downtown Phoenix, is set to introduce its latest masterpiece–Carry On–in early 2024. Building on the resounding success of Wren & Wolf and the intriguing no-phones concept, Trophy Room, Pretty Decent Concepts once again stands ready to redefine the bar and restaurant scene in Phoenix.

Carry On Phoenix takes flight as a truly distinctive cocktail concept, seamlessly merging the worlds of vintage luxury travel and the art of mixology. As guests pass through its doors, they are transported back in time to the opulence and elegance of air travel in the 1960’s and early 70’s. In collaboration with the acclaimed interior designer Peter Bowden, Carry On’s interior pays meticulous homage to the sophistication and style of what is often referred to as the “golden age” of private air travel.

Envision yourself stepping into the cabin of a sleek private plane, complete with luxe leather seats, chrome accents and intimate lighting that recreates an atmosphere reminiscent of the vintage glamour of days gone by.


“In the 1960’s, air travel was part of the excitement that came with going to a new destination,” says Teddy Meyers, owner of Carry On Phoenix, in a press release. “People actually dressed up for flights, and the act of boarding a plane felt glamorous, enticing and exclusive in itself. We can’t wait to bring that atmosphere back to life with this new concept”. 

However, Carry On Phoenix is not just a visual delight; it promises a voyage through the flavors of the world’s top cocktail destinations. Each year, Carry On embarks on a new maiden voyage with a cocktail menu inspired by one departure point and another from its arrival point, changing annually. Guests stepping aboard Carry On will savor the experience of watching the menu transition from one locale to the other, mirroring the sensation of a flight taking off and landing.

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