7 Spots for Mocktails in Phoenix

Indulge in the vibrant and diverse world of mocktails in Phoenix, where creativity knows no bounds and alcohol-free libations are crafted with the same passion as their spirited counterparts. Raise your glass (minus the alcohol) and read on to discover some of the top spots for enjoying mocktails in Phoenix



Wallow in a voyage of flavors at UnderTow, a subterranean cocktail bar serving craft sips inspired by old-world ships. In addition to its alcoholic libations is an exquisite lineup of mocktail creations crafted with spiritless liquors. Embark on a refreshing journey as you explore Captain’s Apprentice, a tropical sip with spiced gin, Green Chartreuse, mint, strawberry, cream of coconut, lime leaf and lime, or chart a course toward the Starboard and Steady, mixed with bourbon, Averna Amaro, ginger, guava, lime and pineapple. For those seeking a more daring experience, set sail with the Shipless Sailor, a fan-favorite crafted with Jamaican rum, Heirloom Alchermes, Orgeat, hibiscus, lime leaf, lime and pineapple. For more information, visit drinkundertow.com.


Little Rituals

Little Rituals in Downtown Phoenix is not your average cocktail bar; it treats its mocktails with the same reverence as its alcoholic counterparts. Its cocktail menu is a testament to creativity and skill, boasting an impressive 40 percent of options that can be made alcohol-free. A standout in the mocktail selection is the N/A Paloma, a non-alcoholic twist on the classic Paloma, featuring spirit-free Blanco tequila, seasonal grapefruit soda, key lime and a dash of sea salt. Little Rituals’ bartenders are dedicated to crafting unique, alcohol-free experiences that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. For more details, visit littleritualsbar.com.


Bitter & Twisted

Nestled within the historic Luhrs Building, Bitter & Twisted is renowned for its inventive cocktails and an equally impressive lineup of mocktails. A favorite on the menu, Hasta La Vista, Berry! is a lively fusion of zero-proof mezcal and Martini & Rossi’s non-alcoholic Aperitif, perfectly balanced by a tangy triple-berry shrub and topped with sparkling water. In addition to the creative spirit-free menu items, 60 percent of its cocktail menu can be expertly crafted without spirits. For more information, visit bitterandtwistedaz.com.


Tía Carmen

Within Tía Carmen’s carefully curated menu, you’ll discover an enticing array of mocktails. Whether it’s the zesty Short & Spicy with aguachile, ginger and pineapple or the refreshing Tall & Bubbly featuring prickly pear, hibiscus and sparkling apple cider, there’s a non-alcoholic creation to suit every palate. For those seeking a different kind of beverage, Tía Carmen has you covered with a selection of alcohol-free beers. This lineup includes the golden ale Upside Dawn by Athletic Brewing Co. and a range of offerings from Bravus Brewing Co., including a staple IPA, Raspberry Gose and Oatmeal Dark. For more information, visit tiacarmendesertridge.com.


Garden Bar PHX

Step back in time at Garden Bar PHX, a craft cocktail haven nestled in a beautifully restored 1914 California bungalow in Downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt neighborhood. Beyond seasonal sips crafted with local and organic ingredients, including small-batch spirits and housemade syrups and shrubs, Garden Bar PHX offers a thoughtfully curated menu of mocktails in Phoenix. The EXpresso Martini is a crowd favorite, created with Noverna (a housemade amaro alternative), cold brew coffee (Cartel Roasting Co.) and Demerara syrup. For more information, visit gardenbarphx.com.

Sandfish Sushi and Whiskey 

Sandfish Sushi and Whiskey boasts a major lineup of well-rounded mocktails featuring a variety of sips inspired by traditional Japanese flavors. Each drink is crafted utilizing only the freshest, seasonal ingredients and includes concoctions like Virgin Garden (pictured) with Seedlip Garden, elderflower syrup, lime, ginger and soda; Baltic Nights with Seedlip Spice, honey, blackberry cacao sage shrub and lemon; or Nordic Brace with Seedlip Garden, hibiscus, lemon, jalapeño ginger and simple syrup. For more information, visit sandfishps.com.

36 Below

One of the hottest destinations for mocktails in Scottsdale, 36 Below is a magical speakeasy hidden underground and away from the bustling city. The cocktail bar is famous for its unique libations and its transcendental experience, offering a variety of sips, wines, indulgent small plates and a specialty lineup of non-alcoholic glasses that are almost too pretty to drink. Some spiritless sips include Artemis (pictured) with alcohol-free rum, white chocolate, hazelnut, oat milk and nitro coffee; Two of Cups with alcohol-free rum, rosemary syrup, blood orange, pineapple, Trinity citrus blend, lemon and meringue foam; and Enlighted, shaken with alcohol-free orange syrup, blackberry honey, orgeat and lemon. For more information, visit 36belowaz.com.  

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