SaltRock Southwest Kitchen Welcomes New Chef and Fall Menu

SaltRock Southwest Kitchen, located at Amara Resort and Spa, overlooks Sedona’s iconic red rocks, setting the scene for an enchanting dining experience throughout all seasons. SaltRock has welcomed its newest executive chef, Heather Feher, who has curated a seasonal fall menu with a sense of intention behind each dish.

Chef Heather Feher guides diners through the journey of life with her fall tasting menu. The nostalgic trip begins in childhood with an elote mac and cheese, an elevated rendition of a classic comfort food synonymous with childhood. Transitioning into adolescence, tacos are often an easy go-to meal for individuals in this age range. To represent this stage in life, Chef Feher serves a jackfruit taco. Stepping into adulthood, the inclusion of Hoja Santa with scallops reflects a culinary choice rooted in the desire for healing during adulthood, given Hoja Santa’s natural therapeutic properties. Concluding the journey is a red wine chocolate spice cake because “There is nothing that red wine and chocolate can’t fix,” Chef Feher jokes. Throughout the fall menu, Chef Feher takes inspiration from elements such as Scorpio season, weather in Sedona, introspection and healing.

The seasonal tasting menu starts off with a spiced pumpkin soup infused with white pepper, ginger and cardamom. The soup offers a comforting and warm, nutty spice, beautifully topped with hazelnut crema and fried leeks and served with grilled sourdough for dipping. Elote mac and cheese is served, followed by the vegan jackfruit carnitas tacos. The jackfruit, tossed in chipotle BBQ, gives a smoky flavor and a texture reminiscent of traditional carnitas meat, providing a great substitute for vegetarians and vegans.

SaltRock Southwest Kitchen’s main courses showcase pulpo al olivo, scallops a la meuniere and Heritage duck breast. Pulpo al Olivo, translating to “octopus with olives,” features wild-caught Spanish octopus imported from the coast of Spain. Accompanying the charred octopus is a Kalamata olive emulsion placed in small circles around the dish, micro arugula and fondant potatoes. The scallops a la meuniere includes wild-caught scallops pair with forbidden rice and braised fennel topped with a lemon pan sauce. The scallops are elegantly wrapped in Hoja Santa, a sacred herb that is known for purging what is no longer needed in one’s life. The final fall dish is Heritage duck breast with notes of umami resting on a bed of brown butter farro and sherry mushrooms, drizzled with a pomegranate and hibiscus sauce and garnished with edible flowers.

The seasonal dessert features a red wine chocolate spice cake, which is Chef Feher’s take on a classic red velvet. Instead of using conventional red dye, this cake achieves its rich, deep color through red wine. The spice cake itself has notes of pumpkin and vanilla bean and is topped with a decadent cream cheese buttercream and ancho ganache.

The fall menu doesn’t stop there! SaltRock Southwest Kitchen has also introduced four new seasonal cocktails. The Red Rock Flip is a fall-inspired rendition of an espresso martini that blends rum, bourbon, coconut cream and cinnamon syrup, providing a sweet, warm spice synonymous with autumn. Desert Jewel is a refreshing cocktail that includes Suncliffe Gin from Arizona, fresh lemon and pomegranate syrup, creating a drink that is both sweet and tangy. For those seeking a warm cocktail, the Sedona Spice is a mulled red wine cocktail infused with pomegranate juice, apple cider, honey ginger and brandy. Finally, the Javelina Sipper is a bourbon apple cocktail that combines the caramel notes of bourbon with floral elements of St-Germain Elderflower liqueur. The drink also includes spiced apple cider syrup and is garnished with an apple chip, evoking memories of the perfect fall day.

Saltrock Southwest Kitchen is open for dinner, Sunday to Thursday, 5 to 9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 5 to 10 p.m.

For more information, visit www.amararesort.com/eat-drink.

100 Amara Lane
Sedona, AZ 86336

Chef photo credit: katrinawallace.com

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