“Karve Your Body,” Week 6: Forgiving Ourselves for Our Individuality

What is Your Dream Body and Why?
Ask yourself, “Why do I want the body that I wish I had?” Think hard and honestly about it. Most of the reasons why we emotionally or physically exhaust ourselves over food, exercise, size and dieting may have to do with desires to:

  • Feel connected and socially accepted
  • Impress people
  • Feel loved
  • Compete with others
  • Live up to someone else’s standards
  • Live up to our own expectations
  • Hate ourselves; isn’t it easier and more comfortable to not accept your body than to accept?

Do your reasons for dieting and exercising sometimes feel suffocating, depriving and like you’re spinning in circles getting nowhere? Personal judgment can break your spirit. Sometimes I could cry, but then I think about how no one is living my life, in my body, day to day, but me.

Letting Go of Judgment and Comparison
Wrapping up my sixth week of Karve, I’m shaping my best body for me, my personality, my lifestyle and my happiness. If you can determine who you are (internally) and externally, you can be perfect. When you know yourself, you can make personal health adjustments and fitness goals that work for you as a unique individual in this world.

The women in my Karve classes are all there for one reason – to improve their bodies, whether it’s tighter abs, leaner legs or better strength and more endurance. Although we may all have the same objective, each of us is distinctly different. None of us will ever walk out of the studio looking like exact replicas of one another; however, we do walk out improving or maintaining our great, strong and individual bodies. Nobody is without assets and Karve enhances those assets. It’s liberating when we can achieve better health and a better physique knowing that the results are going to be unique to our own bodies and selves.

I actually see my dog as inspiration. She is a Jack Russell Terrier with a killer body – defined muscles and a tiny waist. Ellie comes from desirable four-legged body-builder genes and she struts a look that no Basset Hound or Chihuahua could ever achieve.  Although my dog may rock the bod that some other dogs may not, she’s not “perfect.” Ellie has graying facial hair, a beard and she’s a little neurotic, which makes her even more awesome. We as humans still love our dogs with their quirks and imperfections and they still give us their unconditional love in return.

Forgiveness and Happiness
What if we forgave ourselves? For having a smaller chest, having a baby, getting older, enjoying a full meal at a great restaurant, indulging in dessert, feeling pleasure? We’re all intelligent enough to know when we are unhealthy, making excuses or living excessively.  “Eat your fruits and vegetables; be active.” If you’re honest with who you are and the life that you want to live, you will get your dream body and walk proudly and confidently.

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