Fabulous People


Fabulous People: Remy Lefebvre

Remy Lefebvre is the new executive chef at Francine Restaurant at Scottsdale Fashion Square. “Francine exudes the charms of le Midi (the south of France) and is the homeland to celebrity chef-founder Laurent Halasz.”


Fabulous People: Chris Knudsen

Chris Knudsen is the owner and senior master stylist at Mane Attraction Salon, a high-end destination in Biltmore. “Mane Attraction has remained on the cutting-edge of hair styling and technique since it was established in 1977.”


Fabulous People: Taylor Victoria

Taylor Victoria is a Phoenix artist specializing in custom mural and canvas artwork. “You can see my work on the sides of buildings, within yoga studios, restaurants, schools and being unwrapped as gifts during special occasions.”