Fabulous People: Kelli Sappington


Who is Kelli Sappington?

Kelli Sappinton is the Pastry Chef at Olive & Ivy in Scottsdale who created a delicious Thin Mint Gelato for the 2016 Girl Scout Cookies Dessert Challenge.

What is Kelli Sappington’s story?

Born and raised in Las Vegas, cooking was something Kelli did because she loved it, but it didn’t occur to her that she could cook for a living until she was about 24 years old. With a lot of encouragement from her friends she decided to go back to school for a culinary degree from the College of Southern Nevada. One of her classmates was a bar back at Bouchon Las Vegas and told her the pastry chef there needed a new cook. She knew she was in no way qualified, but she asked for the interview anyways and by what she calls a miracle, got the job. She worked pastry at Bouchon Las Vegas for two years. It was an amazing experience that gave her a great base and starting point in standards and creativity. Living in Las Vegas, she was fortunate enough to later work for Michael Mina and then Julian Serrano before she moved here to Arizona. Her first pastry chef told her that the best person to work for in Arizona would be Sam Fox. Kelli says he was right.

“I have been fortunate enough to be apart of the team at Fox Restaurant Concepts since 2008,” she says. “I feel very privileged to now have an amazing baking and pastry team here at Olive & Ivy to help me create and produce incredible food that I am so happy and proud of.”

Kelli Sappington’s future dream?

Live by the ocean.

What makes Kelli Sappington fabulous?

When we asked Kelli what she thinks makes someone fabulous, she said determination and integrity. Kelli definitely possesses these characteristics and more.

Kelli Sappington’s Favorite Quote?

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” – Maya Angelou


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