Restaurant of the Week: Ramen Hood

Ramen Hood delivers authentic Japanese ramen to North Scottsdale via Sherwood Forest, featuring a build-your-own-bowl menu.

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a chef who worked at the finest restaurants in the land. He dreamed of one day opening a restaurant where he could not only please demanding ramen connoisseurs, but introduce legions of merry men and women to the delicious world of traditional and modern ramen dishes in a casual, family-friendly atmosphere.

This is the story of Ramen Hood.

Ramen Hood is a fast casual restaurant located in North Scottsdale on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd just east of the 101. Do not let the “fast casual” concept fool you. Owner James Xie uses the finest ingredients and refuses to take shortcuts at any point in the preparation or cooking process.


Ordering is simple. Upon entering, you fill out a sheet with your choice of broth, protein and various toppings. You may also select gluten-free noodles if you wish. If you’re a first-timer and unsure of what combination to go with, Ramen Hood has recently introduced “Chef’s Specialties” to make your introduction to the world of ramen a seamless one. “The Classic” and the “Angry Beef Bowl” are your options. If you’re feeling adventurous or are a veteran of ramen cuisine, there are plenty of variations to make your ramen dish to your exact specifications. Subtle differences in ingredients or changing up the broth or protein totally impacted the other ingredients in the bowl. Visit Ramen Hood a few times and you’ll discover some favorite combinations.

Ramen Hood also offers gyoza (pork dumplings) and karaage – Japanese fried chicken. They make a good appetizer to share or snack on their own. Ramen Hood features Japanese soda – slightly sweeter and less carbonated than American style – and bottled Japanese tea as well.

Ramen Hood is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Visit ramen-hood.com for more information.

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